October 15, 2009

Empty box, fill again.


Thinking outside of the box is something we must do every day of our life as we are constantly creating new boxes for ourselves. Even the ones we feel comfortable in are best served by our examining them for restrictive qualities. Stimulus is our best asset in helping us to get out of our own way. It can come in millions of forms limited only by our antennae and willingness to receive. 

Several weeks back I published a blog post about twitter being best looked at as a tool. I said my favorite people on the site were those who were sharing articles and information. I downplayed the social aspect of social networking and not for the first time. I put twitter and everyone on it in a box and then this week watched as they all came busting through the top flaps and tantalized me to rethink my position.

Thanks to everyone I have met who has spurred my growth and challenged me to trust my aesthetics.


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