February 12, 2009

_--= Indian River (3) Bridge Project=--_




Kubinak said...

Oh, construction cranes make me so nervous. Today is going to be a high wind day, which will keep me away from the corner of 86th Street and West End Avenue. Big crane there. Don't trust the operators. Too many have gone down in the past year killing people in its flight to the ground. Looking at some of your photos makes my stomach queasy.

rocketts said...

"Whoa", says Sterling to these monsters of steel. (I don't think he was halting a horse) He like cranes and dinosaurs a whole bunch. He too would like to follow your blog now.

Barry said...


When I arrived in Vilniaus LT for the first time there were cranes everywhere.

As I remember you are not a huge fan of bridges either.


Great to have you aboard. I will be your eyes and perhaps even your ears for the indian river bridge project and then when you visit again we will go see the progress together.