February 06, 2009

When you don't know what to do...


This notion has seen me through some really tough times.


rocketts said...

nice one.

Barry said...

Hey B,

Most of the time, I complete junction posts ahead of time and schedule their publishing time for 12:00 AM the following day.

It is cool that blogger will allow you to schedule posts but when you are previewing them beforehand you see them in a generic template of white rather than in your chosen template.

Consequently, I never really know what the post will look like until I see it in the morning when oftentimes I will tweak it a touch.

This morning I looked at the post, everything looked fine but I thought: "Why can't I just do nothing if I don't know what to do?"

Then I realized I can do nothing as long as I choose it. It is all about making the choice.


Kubinak said...

Your junction post was an ironic split second when I just opened it. It has now become my morning drive-by and ponder. Ironic? I got fired yesterday. For the first time in my life. My search and subsequent payment for a housing deal was deemed inappropriate and onorthodox because it ended up being a perpetration of a crime by a rent fraud artist. This all went down at the end of November. And yesterday, out of nowhere, I was fired. You should have seen the five pages of "bad" they had written up about me. My union rep told them it reeks of union busting. I was a main player in organizing our shop when we successfully voted in our Local 1180 at the end of October. We got notification that the employer was ready to begin negotiating on the 21st two days ago and then yesterday I got canned. Timing? Sorry for blathering on. I feel like someone died. I campaigned hard for the union because the place is a management hell hole. They fired three of us in one day. I've never seen so many people enraged and crying at the same time. Our coworkers, I mean. Keep your train moving, Barry. It's a good one.

Barry said...

I have a hard time believing that anyone could fabricate even one page of bad things to say about you. You are smart and focused and devoted and don’t deserve to be treated like this.

I am very sorry to hear about your predicament. Times are truly hard and in many ways the business world has put on its worst face to cope. (He’s my brother, yes, but he weigh’s a ton and he is not dragging me down with him.)

They smile in your face…

Please allow me to introduce myself…

Stormy Weather.

rocketts said...

The conscious act of doing absolutely nothing is actually doing quite a lot, no? I don't know that I have ever been able to succeed in doing nothing. I would assume a lot of people would call my something nothing. I consistantly question my somethings. I made a windmill of beer box and duct tape last night.

I am so sorry to hear Phan's news. There is a lot of imbalance right now. People have forgotten how to be Human Beings, and so many still live in slumber. The "living sleep" seems a fine example of the "unconcious nothing", when doing "nothing" becomes "something". Then again, there can be all sorts of "somethings" in those "nothings".

We are all little engines navigating this map of stormy weather. We all have to keep ours moving.

Kubinak said...

Simply doing nothing is truly one of the most difficult acts. It is a something. All your somethings are somethings. I always thought so. I envy that beer box and duct tape. They are something other than what they once were; and they won't end up stuck on the wings of pigeons.

I am up building a case against my employer. I can't just do nothing. It's always something.

Sweet dreams on stormy seas. I know a lot of Human Beings. I just haven't worked for many.