March 28, 2009

Casting Out My Nets.

Simultaneously I am defining Junction services and pushing out of the nest those services I feel are ready to learn to fly on their own. I am also Re-re-learning the definition of green, continuously working on my typing, reorganizing my home office, and taking big chances.
All of my life I have been one to cast out my nets as a way of obtaining knowledge. I believe a broad base of interests demands this kind of approach from me. I used to fear the Jack of all trades master of none moniker. I would look at those who obtained degrees as the keepers of the world’s tangible knowledge base. I still read the books written by these folks but now I know that knowledge is transferrable and that it cheapens the achievements of others if we believe ourselves incapable of really learning from them. I think, in life, there are folks who learn best when looking at a single specimen of tree in a particular region at a particular moment in time and then there are those who act as hubs of information.
One thing that is clearer to me now than ever before is that a life of gathering can indeed create a firm foundation of accrued knowledge on which to continuously build. But more importantly a lifetime, when viewed from above, can draw a map of well marked paths that lead to the places where knowledge resides.


Rich said...

Excellent post Barry.

Live without the fear of the the Jack of all trades master of none moniker. Take a look at history, and you'll find the most compelling minds often moved freely in their quest for knowledge.

All my best,

Barry said...

Hi Rich,

It brings to mind another line from the "Songs for Drella" - Warhol tribute album. Once again it is from the song - Work:

"Andy sat down to talk one day
he said decide what you want.
Do you want to expand your parameters
or play the museums like some dilettante?"

I think the fear of being a dabbler can be a powerful motivator for us right up until the point when it starts providing negative returns.

To help us recognize that point we often turn to the council of good friends and the teachers both official and unofficial that life provides. I consider you to be all three.