September 14, 2009

Actor's Attic


Sergei and Katia will come in November for a visit. They will stay for three months and they will occupy a space that presently stores building materials I have collected over the last twenty years and items of interest from my life prior to marrying. Partial rolls of insulation share this space with record albums and boxes of programs from the theatre company. There are costume bits, games I had as a child, a word processor and other outdated technological timestamps. Diving in the deep end to deal with this stuff feels like an autumn job.




Beth said...

Oh wow, a word processor? Talk about a blast from the past! My sister had one in the late 80s, I think it was a Brother. I bet those childhood games would be lucrative on eBay, if you wanted to part with them that is. ;)

Good luck with the clean up. :)

Barry said...

Hi Beth,

This one is a Brother as well. It is an 18 inch long recatangle with a keyboard that flips down in the front. What a beast! Thanks for the encouragement.