September 04, 2009

Summer Turns Part 2


Continued from Part 1

On Monday September 10th, 2001 Panchia said yes, she would marry me and said it in such a way that all of my fear of the question and its repercussions had just melted away. We set a date for the wedding on the following Wednesday. This would give us time to make some calls and find out about how two people go about making this particular dream come true. The Justice of the Peace in Rehoboth gave us the rundown; first, obtain a marriage license and make an appointment with the JOP and then, show up on that date and time with two witnesses. I believe I told my mother about our marriage plans over the phone. Everything was moving really fast but still I wanted her to meet her future daughter in law prior to the wedding. I was already feeling bad because P and I had decided our marriage would not be a family affair. Her family was 4000 miles away in Lithuania and although mine were in Delaware it somehow seemed proper to keep everything as low key as possible. Honestly, there was a big part of me that wondered if the whole thing would not just fall apart if I pressed for my side of the family to be there. I did not want things to fall apart. I did not want to make Panchia uncomfortable. I just wanted everything to work and for this day to be done. We made plans with my mother. We would stop and see her on our way to obtain the marriage license the next day.

That night Panchia went into OC to work at the popular Crab house which employed us both and where we met. I had the night off and was taken out for sushi by my long time friend, Mister Marc Jones. We called it a bachelor party. I drank hot sake and was not the least bit nervous. Something much larger than insecurity had taken over. I have often said that one of my favorite feelings in the world is when I feel as though I am onto something. I had felt it with art and carpentry and now I felt it with this person.

Tuesday dawned blue and beautiful and I was on top of the world. NPR Morning Edition was on the radio. Bob Edward’s calm familiar cadence melted into the background as I dressed. I would guess we left the schoolhouse around 8:15 AM. We did not listen to the radio or anything at all on the 40 minute ride to my mothers. We talked and held hands. Outside my mother’s door I paused for a deep breath before knocking. Was I ready for this first meeting between future mother and daughter in law? Three short raps at the door and my mother appeared. I knew immediately that something was wrong. Her hair was soaking wet.

Continued in part 3



THORN said...


Barry said...

Yes, I know I am fond of the cliffhanger and it is mostly because of Mister Orth.

He was my history teacher in seventh grade. His class was held in a really strange temporary building which I assume was to house overflow. It smelled funny in there in a really specific way that I have not smelled since. Maybe it was mustiness mixed with adolescence.

Mister Orth was Big, bearded and had a booming voice. He told history stories which would always end in cliff hangers as in: “…they raised their clubs and advanced towards John Smith…What happened next? I’ll tell you tomorrow. “

I could not wait for class the next day.