September 11, 2009

The song remains the same

During the winter following september 11th, 2001 I was living in Vilnius, Lithuania with my new wife where I had one of my most prolific songwriting periods ever. The following is a song inspired by numbers and the meanings we attach to them.
Add one two each five four two


Nine one one's emerging

synergy held ransom

divisions of neighbors

split violet ends.

Running deep

in the family

of sharing abroad.

As the shock shimmer

showered existence on God.


Now the devilish details

retreat to the hills.

Economy offers

the ultimate frill.

A wait for the bus

turns your uncle to dust.

And it's harder to swallow

this planet size pill.


Seven zero zero's hero

retired from praying

on Godless Americas

queer loving ways

fell from grace

into Gardas

awaiting embrace.

Kingdom come, kingdom go

while morality plays.


Now Vieda is offering

one hundred lats

so string up the dandy

and bring me his spats.

To look but not touch

may be asking to much

'cause the fleas in the house

were brought in by the rats.


Five five five disguises.

The prefix is fiction.

Add one to each five

you'll be calling up Satan.

Some numbers mean more

take the stone and the score.

We can count on each other

for what I'm not sure.


Now the microbus

sacrifice season begins.

Last dive for the ladies

they're shelling the bridge.

Break the din, down the door,

far less guilty than sore

we'll install a fresh lock

on our reason and live.

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