September 07, 2009

I am not Legend


I have come of age, in a way, with my profession. I used to see it as at odds (No pun intended) with the part of myself that attended drama school and worked for years in an independent theatre company. Nowadays, I do not see myself as so dramatically torn. I have come to believe that a huge problem that many artists have is that they continually limit themselves as to who they are and what they are capable of becoming. It is as though they create legends about themselves, legends in which they come to believe and when asked to consider another way they lean heavily on theses legends saying “I am an actor” or “I am a writer” or the very worst delusion in my opinion “I am an artist”… Mind you, there is nothing wrong with proclaiming that you are an artist but when that term is used more to define what a person is not capable of doing rather than what a person is capable of then the title becomes, at the very least, a ball and chain. 


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THORN said...

agree. not only 'artists' do this, however... to limit yourself is a natural reflex of contemporary human experience, because it feels safer to be in a box (or at least many of us have been conditioned to feel so). it is a massive crime that people are led to define themselves in such limited ways, and probably a great source of depression and anxiety.