August 29, 2009

Gas Station Giving


We were ridiculously lost on the way to an appointment in Wilmington DE on Friday. A young woman at a cash machine overheard us asking the cashier at the convenience store about Mill road. She collected her money and then politely inserted herself into the meeting of minds realizing that hers was the most qualified to help us. I wrote the directions while she visualized the streetlights and stop signs. I said: “You grew up around here didn’t you?” “Yes” She answered “and I work over there”

Pass Galvuccios Restaurant…

Turn right at Shins Paint…

The latter was the detail that really saved us. In the end we were one hour late for our appointment and still we were taken. I hate to think what would have happened without our Good Samaritan.

Thank You Ma'am for your help and especially for taking the time.


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