August 25, 2009

La Machine


I am trying to rate and re-evaluate the systems I am creating sooner rather than later. 

My wife wrote a paper this week on the computer program ConstructionSuite. This program is a central part of Junction’s organizational framework. She asked me how it had changed the way I work and I told her that ConstructionSuite enables me to integrate various programs such as quickbooks for the company finances and excel for estimates and schedules. It saves me time by reducing my data entry and performing tasks that I would have to perform manually. Still, the program is only as good as the data that is entered. It is the old garbage in/garbage out scenario and while I would not necessarily call the information I have entered garbage it is amazing how plain it becomes that revisions could be made.

Another added factor is that our photography library (Adobe Lightroom ) does not integrate with any of the business programs but I use the same account and project names and numbers to keyword and label the photographs. 

At times I marvel that the little box that is my laptop and the little egg that is my head can cooperate to make the ends meet but If I think back to the days when I organized everything business related in windows alone, I quickly count my blessings, take a deep breath and return to whittling away at the presents relatively simplistic problems.



THORN said...

i am digging the frequent postings. i hesitate to say that for fear of jinxing. no pressure! knock wood! ptui ptui ptui!

Barry said...

It's such a shame...

And he had been doin' so good.