August 29, 2009

Vincent Overlook


What closed the door on this American Dream?



THORN said...

wow.. sort of a chilling set of shots you have there. the one that says "sales center open" looks very much like a gravestone.

Barry said...

The gravestone went right by me. Surpisingly there is not one "no trespassing" sign anywhere in sight. It truly is as though no one cares about this place.

Katie Redmiles said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. Can't believe something like that could just be abandoned. Let us know if you hear any news on future plans for the development.

Barry said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks for stopping by. I will keep my eyes and ears open because I am very interested in where it will go from here.


Anonymous said...

Appearantly LC Homes has purchased Vincent Overlook. Otherwise known as Louis Capano. We'll see what they do with it!

Anonymous said...

Vincent Overlook seems to have risen from the ashes -- becoming built up and turning into a very nice community