August 20, 2009

Patres Familias


<((Extended Family))>

My new Brother in law, Sergej Trifonov is a fantastic guy. He married my wife’s sister Jekaterina Bojarkina on august 8th, 2009 in Visaginas Lithuania. The wedding was idyllic; the weather was gorgeous, the guests enjoyed themselves thoroughly and the bride, whom I am really fond of because she is a great person, told me it was the best day of her life. I could not be happier for them as they seem to complete one another in a wonderful way.

Sergej is a furniture maker and carpenter in his own right. He is smart and resourceful and I am happy to say one day soon will be joining us here in the states. Sergej and I have decided to combine our talents in the family business. The burgeoning Junction Home Services will expand its horizons to include built in and stand alone furniture. We are very excited and will keep you posted.

<((A Wedding and a Funeral))>

A couple of days back I wrote about a frightening incident where my wife was choking uncontrollably. As the incident occurred a day or so after the Bojarkina/Trifonov wedding my wife told me that as blackness closed in around her the saying crossed her mind “A wedding and a Funeral”. Today that saying came true with the death of my father in laws father in Kazakhstan. My deepest condolences to Yuri and the entire Bojarkin family. I never made it to Kazakhstan to meet father Bojarkin but I heard his voice just last week as skype made the other side of the world sound like the other side of town. My own father told me the other day at the hospital that he had gone to have a spot on his lung biopsied and that he will not have results for nine days. Our future points at the compass, the calendar and clock and whispers: “ready or not, here I come.”


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