August 21, 2009

Naming Names


Six weeks or so ago a kitten marched onto our land and right up to the back porch. His tail was high in the air with a little twist at the end and his attitude was “here I am. I bet you were wondering when I would get here.” He was promptly chased by our smallish dog out toward the outhouse…

Right now the kitten is enjoying himself with a candy wrapper in the kitchen. He is super good at entertaining himself, has nice markings and still doesn’t have a proper name. What he does have is a call that he answers to. It is a tsk tsk type sound that is produced from the sides of an exaggerated smile rather than from the front of the mouth. It reminds me of the African languages that include clicks and pops and twirls. He responds to it without fail.

Maybe he does have a name.


1 comment:

THORN said...

something african perhaps.