August 26, 2009

Me? New? Never!


I am, since at least high school and maybe before, a fellow who likes older things. My tastes linger somewhere between the 1940’s and the 1960’s. I like the feel, the smell and the way things from that era are built but there is one drawback that becomes more noticeable as one ages and that is the weight of yesteryears highly durable non-durable goods.

I have a good friend, Bob, who is about 15 years my elder and I noticed when we first met (about 20 years ago) that he had readily adopted plastic cases into his family of carpentry containers. I was just getting started gathering my version of the tools of the trade around me and they included wooden, metal and leather cases. Twenty years ago would have made bob roughly my age now and I have to chuckle to myself each time I discover some lightweight plastic case in a thrift store these days and eagerly buy it dreaming of that magic combination of lightweight and organizational components that will make my efforts more streamlined and practical.

For me, apparently the future really is in plastics but how do we know that the plastic we hold in our hands is good plastic? Last week on Twitter I caught a passing tweet about large amounts of plastic’s in our oceans leaching chemicals. The Tweet had a link attached to it but timing prevented me from investigating further and now I have only this tidbit of info on the brain. I think “Twitter” ought to have a big brother/big sister called “Fritter” which allows up to 640 characters and could get a little more in depth so the application itself could actually be used more as a learning tool rather than primarily a linking tool. A couple of years back I bought two number 7 drinking bottles for work and loved them just prior to the bisephenol business. Don’t even get me started about PVC.

Today’s plastic will never be Bakelite but there are some companies out there taking the medium to all new heights.


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